June 14, 2014

By: Dan Deicher
(West Salem, WI) – Despite threatening skies, fans had the opportunity to check out the thrills and spills on Saturday night’s Wisconsin Lottery Smash-O-Rama at the LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway. A mid-event rain shower did not send fans home, as they wanted to see, and got to see all the great stunts and destruction that they had hoped for.

The night started with stunt man, Thomas Farra, who drove right through another car, sending it flipping into the air in the Steel Wall crash. But Farra’s night was not over. Later in the night, at top speed, Farra took another stunt car and raced off of a ramp directly through a large camper. Not once, not twice, but three times he went through after the fans had called for more.

Back in 2007, Jim Burns of Rockford, Illinois brought out his first ever monster truck, Mechanical Mischief, to the La Crosse Speedway. He has since returned every year, crunching and smashing cars on the front straight. After several air born jumps over the waiting cars, Burns brought the crowd to their feet with several full straightaway wheelies and several 360 spins.

Joe Beavers and Ryan Suchanac brought their Vertical Mischief stunt motorcycles for the 7th straight year and once again, the cameras and video recorders were centered on the front straight away. Doing tricks in front of fans with wide open eyes, both did what they are known nationwide wide for, stunts! Ryan set a Guinness Book of World Records earlier this year with a wheelie on ice at 109.5 miles an hour. The La Crosse fans warmly welcomed them back.

The Ant’s Complete Pest Control Hornets were the featured racing division of the night, with Nate Towner and Sammy Linnehan driving to victory lane in heat races. When it came time for the Wisconsin Lottery 15 lap feature, the rains came down but the racing got intense. In the end, Jackson Broer, in his third Hornet race ever, earned first feature win.

Next Saturday night, Altra Federal Credit Union presents the return of NASCAR Whelen All-American Series action. The Late Models, Sportsmen, Thunderstox and Street Stocks will all take to the center stage. Plus, fans will get to see a Crazy Figure-8 Race.

For more information about LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway, please visit, visit its Facebook page at, or contact the office at 608-786-1525. LaCrosse Speedway is a proud NASCAR HomeTrack, part of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series.

Note: Current Point Standings are attached.

LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway
Wisconsin Lottery Smash-O-Rama Results
June 14, 2014
ANTS Complete Pest Control Hornets
Wisconsin Lottery 15:1. Jackson Broer (Coon Valley, WI), 2. Nate Towner (Trempeauleau, WI), 3. Mike Carlson (West Salem, WI), 4. Jerimy Wagner (Onalaska, WI), 5. Josh Viner (LaCrosse, WI), 6. Brandon LeMoine (, WI), 7. Jeff Thompson (unknown, WI), 8. Hunter Miller (West Salem, WI), 9. Dan Rozek (Tomah, WI), 10. Hunter Nelson (Rushford, MN), 11. John Eron (St. Germain, WI), 12. Kevin North (Sparta, WI), 13. Garrett Thicke (West Salem, WI), 14. Kyle RItter (La Crosse, WI), 15. Taylor Dobbs (Galesville, WI), 16. Samantha Linnehan (Sparta, WI), 17. Patrick Thicke (West Salem, WI), 18. Jake Schomers (La Crescent, MN), 19. Matthew Carpenter (, WI), 20. Jeff Stumlin (Holmen, WI), 21. Kris Berg (Ettrick, WI), 22. Cam Dezelske (La Crosse, WI), 23. Mark Bornitz (Holmen, WI), 24. Ben Stumlin (Holmen, WI), 25. Tim Dechant (Sparta, WI), 26. Jack Litsheim (La Crosse, WI),
Heat 1:1. Nate Towner (Trempeauleau, WI), 2. Jeff Stumlin (Holmen, WI), 3. Jeff Thompson (unknown, WI), 4. Jake Schomers (La Crescent, MN), 5. Mike Carlson (West Salem, WI), 6. Taylor Dobbs (Galesville, WI), 7. Brandon LeMoine (, WI), 8. Jackson Broer (Coon Valley, WI), 9. Hunter Nelson (Rushford, MN),
Heat 2:1. Matthew Carpenter (, WI), 2. Kris Berg (Ettrick, WI), 3. Dan Rozek (Tomah, WI), 4. Ben Stumlin (Holmen, WI), 5. Patrick Thicke (West Salem, WI), 6. Tim Dechant (Sparta, WI), 7. Josh Viner (LaCrosse, WI), 8. Kyle RItter (La Crosse, WI), 9. Jack Litsheim (La Crosse, WI),
Heat 3:1. Samantha Linnehan (Sparta, WI), 2. John Eron (St. Germain, WI), 3. Garrett Thicke (West Salem, WI), 4. Hunter Miller (West Salem, WI), 5. Jerimy Wagner (Onalaska, WI), 6. Kevin North (Sparta, WI), 7. Cam Dezelske (La Crosse, WI), 8. Mark Bornitz (Holmen, WI),
Novelty 1:1. Jackson Broer (Coon Valley, WI), 2. Jeff Thompson (unknown, WI), 3. Cam Dezelske (La Crosse, WI), 4. Garrett Thicke (West Salem, WI), 5. Taylor Dobbs (Galesville, WI), 6. Matthew Carpenter (, WI), 7. Josh Viner (LaCrosse, WI), 8. Samantha Linnehan (Sparta, WI), 9. Dan Rozek (Tomah, WI), 10. Hunter Miller (West Salem, WI), 11. Tim Dechant (Sparta, WI), 12. Jerimy Wagner (Onalaska, WI), 13. Kyle RItter (La Crosse, WI), 14. Kris Berg (Ettrick, WI), 15. Mark Bornitz (Holmen, WI), 16. Nate Towner (Trempeauleau, WI), 17. Jake Schomers (La Crescent, MN), 18. Mike Carlson (West Salem, WI), 19. Hunter Nelson (Rushford, MN), 20. Patrick Thicke (West Salem, WI), 21. John Eron (St. Germain, WI), 22. Kevin North (Sparta, WI), 23. Jeff Stumlin (Holmen, WI), 24. Ben Stumlin (Holmen, WI), 25. Brandon LeMoine (, WI), 26. Jack Litsheim (La Crosse, WI),
Novelty Event 2:1. Tim Dechant (Sparta, WI), 2. Jerimy Wagner (Onalaska, WI), 3. Kyle RItter (La Crosse, WI), 4. Kris Berg (Ettrick, WI), 5. Mark Bornitz (Holmen, WI), 6. Nate Towner (Trempeauleau, WI), 7. Jake Schomers (La Crescent, MN), 8. Mike Carlson (West Salem, WI), 9. Hunter Nelson (Rushford, MN), 10. Patrick Thicke (West Salem, WI), 11. John Eron (St. Germain, WI), 12. Kevin North (Sparta, WI), 13. Jeff Stumlin (Holmen, WI), 14. Ben Stumlin (Holmen, WI), 15. Brandon LeMoine (, WI), 16. Jack Litsheim (La Crosse, WI),

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