Enduro Rules / Entry

Rules and Entry

4 & 6 Cylinder Enduro 200

Last updated July 26, 2023

Rules and Entry Form for La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway Enduro

  1.  Any 4-Cylinder or 6-Cylinder car or MINIVAN is permitted, (NO FULL SIZE Trucks. NO HONDA CRX’s or CRV’s). Must have a complete Stock Body, Frame, and Suspension. No Bracing anywhere, except inside the driver’s compartment. Dashboard, steering and pedals must remain stock for that make and model. All side mirrors MUST be removed. Loose interior items such as carpet and rear lower seat cushion may be removed. Hood and trunk must open for inspection. Dash must remain Intact.
  2. Stock carburetor / fuel injection system for that make and model. NO Turbo Powered or all wheel drive cars.
  3. Stock Transmission, exhaust and unaltered rear end for that make and model. Catalytic converter may be removed. 
  4. Battery must be securely fastened and covered.
  5. Passenger tires only. Wheels and tires must be of like size, OEM ONLY
  6. Gas Tank: If stock gas tank is ahead of rear axle, it may remain in place. If stock gas tank is behind rear axle, it must be replaced with a fuel cell or boat tank (maximum of 6.6 gallons). Fuel cell / boat tank must be covered, secured, and located in trunk. Fill with no more than 2 gallons of gas!
  7. Roll Bar: (Optional) A single hoop roll bar is accepted, or two (Minimum of 1.5”) pipes from ceiling to floorboard recommended. Roll bar must be welded or bolted to car. In any roll bar installation, only interior fabric panels and headers may be removed for bar installation. 
  8. Driver’s door must be welded or chained shut. Driver’s side door plates recommended; must be flat with no “catching” edges (A leaf spring separated and fastened to the outside of the door allowed). Passenger door must be chained, but must open when chain is removed. 
  9. Safety: Approved helmets (SA Rated/No Motorcycle (M) Helmets), seat belts, gloves and long sleeves required. Racing seats allowed.
  10. Glass: All Glass (Except Windshield) must be removed (prior to your arrival). Third brake light must remain intact. All sunroofs must be covered with a minimum 1/8” steel plate. 
  11. No Antifreeze. Drain before you get to the speedway. 
  12. Cars must be painted in easy to see colors. Car numbers on doors must be at least 20” tall and in contrasting color to background. Roof #’s must be at least 36” in height. Be prepared to change your number if necessary.
  13. Tech Inspection: We will attempt to see that you can compete. Misrepresentation or deviation of the rules will result in penalty laps assessed at the beginning of the Enduro. 
  14. MISC.: Bumpers may be chained. An 8” x 14” hole may be cut in hood. Hood can be chained only. A “jam truck” will be used. Any alcohol consumption by any team prior or during event will result in immediate disqualification. Penalties assessed in starting positions or “start” laps.
  15. Scorers: Each Driver must provide a scorer with pen in grandstands at the Grandstand admission price. Race will have “Break” between laps 90 – 110. 
  16. Any vehicle left on Speedway or Fairgrounds property for more than 48 hours will be considered abandoned
  17. # OF Laps / PURSE is subject to change with the overall number of cars
  18. All cars must go through tech inspection to race
  19. Age Requirements: Must be a minimum of age 16 to race, age 10 for pit entry with a signed parent Minor’s release .

Enduro Rules Chairman: Austin Wells
608-786-1525 (M-F 9-4 pm). E-mail: awells@lacrossespeedway.com

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