By:  Paul Reichert
July 25, 2020
A great crowd of race fans turned out at the La Crosse Speedway to witness another action packed night of racing.  Nick Murgic continued his impressive season as he powered by Nick Clements just before halfway to capture his second checkered flag of the season.

Nick Murgic Victory Lane

Michael Hagger (Hanover, MN) continued his strong showing as of late as he took the lead at the start of the Pischke Motors 25 lap NASCAR Late Model feature.  Nick Clements (Onalaska, WI) dove under Haggar to take command of the race on lap six.  After a yellow flag on lap 11 for a tangle between Devin Schmidt and Mandi Eckelberg in turn four, Nick Murgic (Rosemount, MN) needed only a lap to power his way under Clements to take over the race lead.  Things started to get exciting a bit further behind the leaders as Billy Mohn and Jacob Goede fought hard over the number three position.  Goede tried a couple times just past halfway to get under Mohn, but Mohn got a run out of turn two to drive away from Goede.  Back up front Murgic maintained about a five car length advantage over Clements to capture his second win of the year.  After the race, Murgic said “We had a really good race car tonight and continue to have a great season thanks to my crew.” 

Rick Coppernoll (Cottage Grove, WI) got around Jesse Green (Eau Claire, wi) for the lead six laps into the Sportsmen feature.  Coppernoll had to furiously hold off Jack Litsheim (La Crosse, WI) over the final six laps to claim his first ever checkered flag at La Crosse.

Kaleb Hardy Victory Lane
Kaleb Hardy Victory Lane

Kaleb Hardy charged past Alex Rud off the restart with five laps to go to drive away with the victory in the Hobby Stock feature.

Jordan Young Victory Lane
Jordan Young Victory Lane

Jordan Young roared past Rob Stanfield three laps into the Hornet feature, then held off Jimmy Bjorkman to score the win in his first appearance in the division in three years.

Mitchell Berg Victory Lane
Mitchell Berg Victory Lane

Mitchell Berg used a crossover move to get back around Braydon Lockington halfway through the High School Racing Association feature to claim his first win of the season.

Tonight we added a new twist to the popular 2nd Over the Line Wins novelty race.  This time the first two finishers are the last two in the 3rd Over the Line Wins novelty event.  Rob Stanfield and John Huebner slowed way down on the final lap, letting the rest of the field catch up and allowed Matthew Miller to surge through the traffic to capture the win.

Action continues next Saturday, August 1 with the biggest Novelty event of the season.  Get ready for the smashing, crashing and metal mangling mayhem that is the World Famous Trailer Race of Destruction.  You will witness all the chaotic action after the Late Models, Sportsmen, Hobby Stocks and Hornets compete.  Gates open at 6:00, qualifying begins at 6:15 and the racing takes the green at 7:30.

For more information about La Crosse Speedway or the 2020 schedule of events, please call the office at 608-786-1525 or visit our web site at  La Crosse Speedway is proud to be a NASCAR Hometrack, part of the NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series.

Kwik Trip Late Models 20 Entries
Feature 1
12-Nick Murgic[7]; 2. 8C-Nick Clements[3]; 3. 8M-Billy Mohn[5]; 4. 72-Jacob Goede[6]; 5. 66-Steve Carlson[4]; 6. 8K-Brent Kirchner[8]; 7. 18-Jerimy Wagner[9]; 8. 14-Steve Bachman[11]; 9. 14B-Grant Brown[12]; 10. 13-Bryan Wrolstad[13]; 11. 50-Mike Carlson[10]; 12. 23-Brad Powell[19]; 13. 19H-Michael Haggar[1]; 14. 02-Carter Christenson[15]; 15. 99-Jeff Partington[14]; 16. 7-Don Turner[16]; 17. 51-Justin Mullikin[2]; 18. 47-Pete Carlson[18]; 19. 68-Mandi Eckelberg[17]; 20. 20-Devin Schmidt[20]

Heat 1
14-Steve Bachman[1]; 2. 51-Justin Mullikin[3]; 3. 19H-Michael Haggar[2]; 4. 20-Devin Schmidt[5]; 5. 23-Brad Powell[7]; 6. 8C-Nick Clements[6]; 7. 50-Mike Carlson[4]

Heat 2
7-Don Turner[3]; 2. 14B-Grant Brown[7]; 3. 02-Carter Christenson[4]; 4. 99-Jeff Partington[5]; 5. 13-Bryan Wrolstad[6]; 6. 47-Pete Carlson[1]; 7. 68-Mandi Eckelberg[2]

12-Nick Murgic; 2. 72-Jacob Goede; 3. 8M-Billy Mohn; 4. 8K-Brent Kirchner; 5. 66-Steve Carlson; 6. 18-Jerimy Wagner; 7. 23-Brad Powell; 8. 8C-Nick Clements; 9. 20-Devin Schmidt; 10. 50-Mike Carlson; 11. 51-Justin Mullikin; 12. 19H-Michael Haggar; 13. 14-Steve Bachman; 14. 14B-Grant Brown; 15. 13-Bryan Wrolstad; 16. 99-Jeff Partington; 17. 02-Carter Christenson; 18. 7-Don Turner; 19. 68-Mandi Eckelberg; 20. 47-Pete Carlson

Late Model Budweiser Dash
1. 66-Steve Carlson; 2. 18-Jerimy Wagner; 3. 72-Jacob Goede; 4. 8K-Brent Kirchner; 5. 12-Nick Murgic; 6. 8M-Billy Mohn

LawnKeepers Sportsmen 8 Entries
A Feature 1
7-Rick Coppernoll[4]; 2. 99-Jack Litsheim[8]; 3. 5-Dave Edwards[5]; 4. 28-Sam Niles[6]; 5. 13-Mark Challet[3]; 6. 29-Jesse Green[2]; 7. 21-Bill Schott[1]; 8. 18-Edwin Ross[7]

Heat 1 – 8 Laps
7-Rick Coppernoll[2]; 2. 28-Sam Niles[4]; 3. 13-Mark Challet[5]; 4. 5-Dave Edwards[6]; 5. 29-Jesse Green[3]; 6. 21-Bill Schott[1]; 7. 18-Edwin Ross[7]; 8. 99-Jack Litsheim[8]

Qualifying 1
5-Dave Edwards; 2. 13-Mark Challet; 3. 28-Sam Niles; 4. 29-Jesse Green; 5. 7-Rick Coppernoll; 6. 21-Bill Schott; 7. 18-Edwin Ross; 8.99-Jack Litsheim

Auto Value Hobby Stocks
A Feature 1 – 15 Laps
46-Kaleb Hardy[3]; 2. 42-Alex Rud[2]; 3. 8-Jason Bolster[5]; 4. 2S-Austin Schott[7]; 5. 5-Brandon Gallagher[4]; 6. 33-Lester Stanfield[1]; 7. 7-Mark Challet[6]

Heat 1 – 8 Laps
5-Brandon Gallagher[5]; 2. 2S-Austin Schott[1]; 3. 42-Alex Rud[3]; 4. 8-Jason Bolster[7]; 5. 46-Kaleb Hardy[6]; 6. 7-Mark Challet[4]; 7.
33-Lester Stanfield[2]

Qualifying 1
46-Kaleb Hardy; 2. 5-Brandon Gallagher; 3. 7-Mark Challet; 4. 42-Alex Rud; 5. 33-Lester Stanfield; 6. 2S-Austin Schott; 7. 8-Jason

ANTS Pest Control Hornets
A Feature 1 – 12 Laps
27-Jordan Young[13]; 2. 28-Jimmy Bjorkman[15]; 3. 01-Dexter Malin[10]; 4. 32-Joey Johnson[18]; 5. 3-Michael Wachs Jr[19]; 6. 41-Cheyanne Stanfield[16]; 7. 77-Robert Stanfield[9]; 8. 33L-Marc Luethe[14]; 9. 3/4-Nick Hadler[7]; 10. 22-Chris Christensen[6]; 11. 14-John Huebner[11]; 12. 21M-Matt Miller[8]; 13. 19-Brandon McCarthy[2]; 14. 25-Kristopher Berg[17]; 15. 96-Keanna Barney[5]; 16. 24-Justin Iverson[4]; 17. 10-Jaydin Schock[12]

Heat 1
77-Robert Stanfield[8]; 2. 22-Chris Christensen[6]; 3. 19-Brandon McCarthy[2]; 4. 3/4-Nick Hadler[7]; 5. 24-Justin Iverson[4]; 6. 96-Keanna Barney[5]; 7. 21M-Matt Miller[1]; 8. 4-Chuck Lofquist[3]

Heat 2
32-Joey Johnson[4]; 2. 33L-Marc Luethe[1]; 3. 25-Kristopher Berg[6]; 4. 01-Dexter Malin[2]; 5. 41-Cheyanne Stanfield[10]; 6. 10-Jaydin Schock[5]; 7. 14-John Huebner[3]; 8. 28-Jimmy Bjorkman[7]; 9. 27-Jordan Young[9]; 10. 3-Michael Wachs Jr[8]

Qualifying 1
41-Cheyanne Stanfield; 2. 27-Jordan Young; 3. 3-Michael Wachs Jr; 4. 28-Jimmy Bjorkman; 5. 25-Kristopher Berg; 6. 10-Jaydin Schock; 7. 32-Joey Johnson; 8. 14-John Huebner; 9. 01-Dexter Malin; 10. 33L-Marc Luethe; 11. 77-Robert Stanfield; 12. 21-Jacob Iverson; 13. 3/4-Nick Hadler; 14. 22-Chris Christensen; 15. 96-Keanna Barney; 16. 24-Justin Iverson; 17. 4-Chuck Lofquist; 18. 19-Brandon McCarthy; 19. 21M-Matt Miller

Novelty Division
3rd over line
21M-Matt Miller; 2. 19-Brandon McCarthy; 3. 3/4-Nick Hadler; 4. 14-John Huebner; 5. 77-Robert Stanfield; 6. 01-Dexter Malin

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