The popularity of the Street Stocks class at LaCrosse Speedway last summer took no winter break, as new teams are preparing for the 2016 racing season.

The class, known for its 6-cylinder engine street cars, was born during the early stages of the 2014 season. About eight drivers took the initial plunge into the new class and by the end of the season, over 15 cars were starting the feature races.

The interest continued into the 2015 season, as new drivers saw an inexpensive opportunity to go get a car, and race it until it broke or crashed, but most had cars that just kept on running. “It’s a blast, and I really enjoy racing in the Auto Value Street Stocks class,” commented two-time champion John Eron.

The opportunity to bring a variety of cars to the track and race against one another was a spectacle last year that both the racers and fans enjoyed. “To see an Audi run against a Camaro, a BMW, a Grand Prix and a Lumina is really neat. I’m just glad I was able to beat them all by the end of the season in the standings,” commented Eron.

Racing Street Stocks is easy for anyone interested in competing on the track. “The cars are cheap, and it doesn’t cost a lot to prepare them for the race track. And when you’re done racing it, you can still send it off to the salvage yard or ‘crusher’ and get some money back out of it,” concluded Eron.

The Auto Value Street Stocks will be on the track’s schedule six times during the 2016 season. For more information about running the Street Stocks division, visit the rule page at

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