A Tribute to Tom Reffner – Sleepy Hollow Auto Group Reffner 88 set for July 17th

LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway is set to host the Sleepy Hollow Auto Group Reffner 88 on Wednesday, July 17th, 2024. The event will feature Twin 44 Lap, $8,888 to Win Super Late Model Features on the 5/8ths mile PLUS the CWRA Racing Series Double Features on the Quarter Mile! Tickets are now on sale! Check out the following link to purchase your tickets online in advance: https://eventsprout.com/event/lsrs-071724 

Unofficially, Tom Reffner won a total of 391 feature races in his career that began at Stratford Speedway and Wausau in 1959 before going to the first asphalt track in central Wisconsin at Griffith Park Speedway in Wisconsin Rapids in 1960.  He won nearly sixty races at Capital Speedway (Madison) and picked up track championships in both 1975 and 1979.

His first track championships came in 1965 at Griffith Park and Black River Falls Speedway.  He won his first race at Madison on the old quarter mile in 1968 and finished second in the points to Jim Back in 1969 after the half-mile was built and is now known as “Wisconsin’s Fastest Half-Mile.” He came back in 1970 and was runner-up once again this time to John Ziegler.

But of all his accomplishments, the miracle season of 1975 really stands out.  In that season Reffner won an amazing sixty-seven features driving an AMC Javelin. This includes sixteen at Madison, thirteen at LaCrosse Interstate Speedway, eleven at Golden Sands, nine at State Park, six at Dells Motor Speedway, three at I-70, two each at WIR and Elko, and one at Berlin, Columbus, Grundy, and Tri-County (Ohio).  He also notched a track championship at Golden Sands and the ARTGO title.

His 1976 season wasn’t bad either as he won thirty-nine races and titles at LaCrosse Interstate Speedway and State Park Speedway.  He also won the World Cup 400 at Odessa, Missouri.

Other racing highlights include winning the ARTGO championship in 1978, the October Nationals at Madison in 1983 and 1984, Bobby Allison Night at the Dells in 1985 and CWRA Championships in 1987, 1990, and 1993.  He was also a three-time LaCrosse Oktoberfest Champion.

Besides the aforementioned championships, he also won titles at LaCrosse Interstate Speedway (1976), State Park Speedway (1976), Golden Sands (1977),  LaCrosse Interstate Speedway (1986), Dells Motor Speedway (1987), LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway (1987), State Park Speedway (1987), Dells Motor Speedway (1990), State Park Speedway (1993) and Golden Sands (1993).

Reffner’s final feature wins came in 1999 when he won a pair of races at Marshfield Speedway.  He did appear in one event at Madison in the early 2000’s with ASL.

All of this couldn’t have happened without the help of many, many people over the years and Reffner points out that the following played an important part and that this list certainly isn’t complete: Delores Reffner, Baird Reffner, Bryan Reffner, Leonard Trickle, Dick Trickle, Verlon Trickle, Marvin Marzofka, John Botcher, Larry Carcy, Stan Johnson, Bruce Giebels, Gary Giebels, Jim Back, Cyrilla Back, Les Back, Gary Back, Brian Back, Jack Skibba, Dick Skibba, Fritz Bishofberger, Helen Bishofberger, Don Bishofberger, Ron Bishofberger, Howard Joling, John Bovee, Pete Haferman, Ken “Sarge” Sether, John Boegeman, Ed Gille, Nancy Gille, Tom Gille, Jerry Gille, John Nash, Charlie O’Keefe, Keith Minash, Mike Minash, Kirby Kurth, Pat Hagan, Buck Hanson, Pat Hauser, Paul Smith, Carl Wegner, Dan Timm, Dennis Frings, Ed Howe, Bob Newton, Terry Newton, Jerry Bredl, Vi Bredl, Don Engelbrecht, Tony Wyse, and Jerry Hassle.

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