By:  Paul Reichert

May 25, 2024

On this Memorial Day weekend we salute our nation’s military heroes, both the living and those gave their lives for our country.  At the LaCrosse Speedway, we have many veteran racing heroes that we proudly cheer on to victory.  Whenever you hear the name of Jacob Goede mentioned at any race track, you know you will have to keep your eyes on the orange 72 machine as he looks for another victory.  Goede had a stellar Oktoberfest winning three of the final four NASCAR Late Model features of 2023, and he will be a driver to watch running weekly here in 2024.  Goede continued his hot streak after starting 11th and scored his first feature win of the season. 

In the State Bank Financial 25 lap NASCAR Late Model feature, Michael Haggar (Hanover, MN) shot past Devin Schmidt (New Prague, MN) to take the early race lead.  A solo spin by Don Turner (LaCrosse, WI) on the back straight slowed the action just a lap in.  Haggar got right back to work on the restart and powered away from the competition.  Making his way through the field from his 11th starting spot was Jacob Goede (Carver, MN).  Goede was methodically picking off drivers one by one as he was on a mission to get to the front.  Goede cracked the top five on lap nine, and Goede had a podium spot in third as the field received the crossed flags.  Goede powered to the outside of Schmidt for second on lap 14, then surged by Haggar coming out of turn two to assume command of the race with nine laps left.   Adam Degenhardt was also looking to the front as he moved into third with six laps to go.  Haggar had his hands full with Degenhardt until they touched and both spun out in turn four with three to go.  Goede pulled away from Steve Bachman (Bangor, WI) on the restart to claim his first win of the year, and his fourth in the last six features run at LaCrosse.  After the race, Goede said “The competition is the reason why we love racing here at LaCrosse.  I am looking forward to racing a full season here.”  

The NASCAR Sportsmen feature saw Tony Leis (Middle Ridge, WI) lead the first half of the race before Bob Fort (Fountain City, WI) shot past him on the outside to move into the top spot on lap eight.  A hard collision on the front straight between Leis and Tina Lodermeier (Rosemount, MN) changed the complexion of the race with three laps to go.  Tom Carlson (West Salem, WI) had a chance at the win on the restart, but Fort stuck to the inside line and fought back Carlson to drive away with his second straight feature win.

Remember the wild last lap of the NASCAR Hornet feature last week?  Well it happened again this week, but not as crazy as the week before.  JImmy Bjorkman was trying to challenge Kendon Thurk for the win when the 2020 champion got turned in turn two on the final lap.  That allowed Thurk to pull away and see the checkered flag first with brother Ben trailing behind him.

John Huebner was on his way to victory in the Street Stock feature when Rob Stanfield and Keith Larson locked fenders taking the white flag.  Huebner quickly got away from Steven Brasda on the restart to hit the finish line first and capture his second feature victory of the night.

In the Mini-Van feature, John Huebner charged around the outside of Matthew Parent for the lead on lap four.  Al Bartels tried to cut into Huebner’s advantage, but Huebner checked out on the field to capture the first of many feature wins to come during the season.

In honor of the Memorial Day weekend, this week’s Novelty event was the Flagpole Race.  Drivers had to go around the flagpole in turns one and two as an obstacle to their five lap race. John Huebner showed why he is good at any Novelty event as he negotiated the flagpole with ease to win the race.

Action continues next Saturday, June 1 with the Late Models, Sportsmen, Hornets, Six Shooters and the popular 2nd Over the Line Wins novelty race.  The kids will have their night in the spotlight during the annual Kids’ Night.  All kids 11 and under are admitted FREE, plus the first Kids’ Rides of the season will take place after qualifying  Gates open at 5:30, qualifying goes green shortly after that and 7 is when the on track action and excitement begins.

For more information about the LaCrosse Speedway or the 2024 schedule of events, please call the track office at 608-786-1525 or visit our web site at  LaCrosse Speedway is proud to be a NASCAR Hometrack, part of the NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series.


Kwik Trip NASCAR Late Models

Feature (25 laps):  1. Jacob Goede, 2. Steve Bachman, 3. Skylar Holzhausen, 4. Adam Bendzick, 5. Ryan Kamish, 6. Mike Carlson, 7. Jeff Partington, 8. Bryan Wrolstad, 9. Nick Beaver, 10. Steve Carlson, 11. Tom Luethe, 12. Andy Barney, 13. Michael Haggar, 14. Ryan Brown, 15. Don Turner, 16. Brian Lee, 17. Adam Degenhardt, 18. Cam Dezelske, 19. Nick Clements, 20. Devin Schmidt (DQ)

6-for-6 Dash (6 laps):  1. Adam Degenhardt, 2. Nick Clements, 3. Jacob Goede, 4. Skylar Holzhausen, 5. Tom Luethe, 6. Adam Bendzick

Heat #1 (8 laps):  1. Nick Beaver, 2. Ryan Kamish, 3. Mike Carlson, 4. Steve Bachman, 5. Devin Schmidt, 6. Michael Haggar, 7. Bryan Wrolstad

Heat #2 (8 laps):  1. Steve Carlson, 2. Jeff Partington, 3. Andy Barney, 4. Cam Dezelske, 5. Don Turner, 6. Ryan Brown, 7. Brian Lee

Qualifying:  1. Adam Bendzick 19.435, 2. Jacob Goede 19.492, 3. Skylar Holzhausen 19.543, 4. Nick Clements 19.638, 5. Tom Luethe 19.662, 6. Adam Degenhardt 19.697, 7. Steve Bachman 19.701, 8. Bryan Wrolstad 19.808, 9. Mike Carlson 19.853, 10. Michael Haggar 19.869, 11. Ryan Kamish 19.908, 12. Devin Schmidt 19.982, 13. Nick Beaver 20.084, 14. Steve Carlson 20.149, 15. Jeff Partington 20.340, 16. Andy Barney 20.426, 17. Don Turner 20.488, 18. Cam Dezelske 20.591, 19. Brian Lee 20.713, 20. Ryan Brown 20.733

NASCAR Sportsmen

Feature (15 laps):  1. Bob Fort, 2. Tom Carlson, 3. Bill Schott, 4. Zach Oliver, 5. Jason Bolster, 6. Ashton Kinsey, 7. Tony Leis, 8. Tina Lodermeier, 9. Travis Gordon, 10. Justin Berg

Dash (6 laps):  1. Bill Schott, 2. Justin Berg, 3. Travis Gordon, 4. Bob Fort, 5. Tony Leis

Heat #1 (8 laps):  1. Tina Lodermeier, 2. Tom Carlson, 3. Zach Oliver, 4. Ashton Kinsey, 5. Jason Bolster

Qualifying:  1. Bob Fort 21.933, 2. Tony Leis 21.944, 3. Travis Gordon 21.984, 4. Bill Schott 22.000, 5. Justin Berg 22.082, 6. Zach Oliver 22.182, 7. Andy Muller 22.608, 8. Ashton Kinsey 22.625, 9. Tina Lodermeier 22.961, 10. Jason Bolster 22.968, 11. Tom Carlson DQ

Skyline Fireworks NASCAR Hornets

Feature (15 laps):  1. Kendon Thurk, 2. Ben Thurk, 3. Justin Iverson, 4. Abigail Knaack, 5. Jace Lafleur, 6. Dakota Clauson, 7. Nick Hadler, 8. Jacob Lodermeier, 9. Christopher Lofquist, 10. Terry Lafleur, 11. Jaydin Schock, 12. Jimmy Bjorkman, 13. Jacob Iverson, 14. Shaw Strangstalien, 15. Shawn Kohlmeier, 16. Doyle Cavender, Jr., 17. Thomas Farra, 18. Bentley Knaack, 19. Jake Schomers, 20. Carter Horstman

6-for-6 Dash (6 laps):  1. Jacob Iverson, 2. Thomas Farra, 3. Jake Schomers, 4. Nick Hadler, 5. Jimmy Bjorkman, 6. Ben Thurk

Heat #1 (8 laps):  1. Jace Lafleur, 2. Jaydin Schock, 3. Abigail Knaack, 4. Christopher Lofquist, 5. Kendon Thurk, 6. Justin Iverson, 7. Shane Kohlmeier, 6. Jacob Lodermeier

Heat #2 (8 laps):  1. Terry Lafleur, 2. Dakota Clauson, 3. Shaw Strangstalien, 4. Bentley Knaack, 5. Doyle Cavender, Jr., 6. Ben Worthington, 7. Carter Horstman

Qualifying:  1. Jimmy Bjorkman 15.945, 2. Ben Thurk 15.981, 3. Thomas Farra 16.165, 4. Nick Hadler 16.251, 5. Jacob Iverson 16.312, 6. Jake Schomers 16.423, 7. Christopher Lofquist 16.424, 8. Abigail Knaack 16.433, 9. Shane Kohlmeier 16.468, 10. Kendon Thurk 16.603, 11. Justin Iverson 16.630, 12. Jace Lafleur 16.649, 13. Jaydin Schock 16.664, 14. Jacob Lodermeier 16.669, 15. Dakota Clauson 16.719, 16. Terry Lafleur 16.805, 17. Carter Horstman 16.890, 18. Ben Worthington 16.971, 19. Bentley Knaack 17.151, 20. Shaw Strangestalien 17.189, 21. Doyle Cavender, Jr. 17.854

Auto Value Street Stocks

Feature (15 laps):  1. John Huebner, 2. Steven Brasda, 3. Al Bartels, 4. Landon Lockington, 4. Chris Larson, 6. Rob Stanfield, 7. Matthew Bornheimer, 8. Keith Larson, 9. Alex Rud, 10. Ryan Stanfield, 11. Kyle Cottone, 12. Kreg Miller

Heat #1 (8 laps):  1. John Heubner, 2. Steven Brasda, 3. Chris Larson, 4. Al Bartels, 5. Keith Larson, 6. Rob Stanfield

Heat #2 (8 laps):  1. Matthew Bornheimer, 2. Landon Lockington, 3. Alex Rud, 4. Ryan Stanfield, 5. Kreg Miller, 6. Kyle Cottone

Qualifying: 1. Chris Larson 16.268, 2. John Huebner 16.522, 3. Keith Larson 16.807, 4. Rob Stanfield 19.915, 5. Al Bartels 17.200, 6. Steven Brasda 17.442, 7. Ryan Stanfield 17.646, 8. Kreg Miller 17.787, 9. Kyle Cottone 17.839, 10. Landon Lockington 18.240 

Auto Value Mini-Vans

Feature (15 laps):  1. John Huebner, 2. Al Bartels, 3. Matthew Parent, 4. Dan Noth, 5. Matthew Miller, 6. Fletcher Milene, 7. Jake Lisowski 

Heat #1 (8 laps):  1. Matthew Parent, 2. Al Bartels, 3. Matthew Miller, 4. Dan Noth, 5. John Huebner, 6. Jake Lisowski, 7. Fletcher Milene, 8. Kevin Laufenberg

Qualifying:  1. John Huebner 17.254, 2. Kevin Laufenberg 17.638, 3. Fletcher Milene 17.684, 4. Al Bartels 17.738, 5. Matthew Miller 18.106, 6. Dan Noth 18.204, 7. Matthew Parent 18.300, 8. Jake Lisowski 20.307


Flagpole Race:  1. John Huebner, 2. Steven Brasda, 3. Alex Rud, 4. Kyle Cottone, 5. Ryan Stanfield

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