By: Paul Reichert
September 4, 2021
Labor Day weekend may signal the last big hurrah for summer but the racing season is far from over as the focus now shifts to the fun events and the big year end specials.  Here at the LaCrosse Speedway the big track takes a break before Oktoberfest as the quarter mile takes the spotlight for a few weeks.  A huge group of four and six cylinder cars gathered for the annual Big Cheese Enduro race.  After the smoke cleared and the parts were collected from the cars following 200 grueling laps of action, Matt Casper was the man to beat tonight as he scored an impressive victory and walked away with the event’s biggest payday ever.

A huge field of 99 cars started the grinding 200 lap Big Cheese Enduro.  With so many four and six cylinder cars mixed throughout the field and starting at different intervals, the action and mayhem began almost immediately.  Turn two was an early hot spot as a number of pileups occurred early in the race.  A couple of drivers got spun out in turn three and tried to get their race cars turned around.  Instead of waiting for the jam truck they turned around in heavy traffic and collected a few other competitors.  A few drivers had hard hits into other cars that just got out of an incident only to have their night go from bad to worse.  A number of rear bumpers were torn off of cars during the first 100 laps and made for a minefield of obstacles for the other competitors to avoid.  A number of drivers were suffering from flat tires during the first half and a few even turned into Skidders as they kept racing on the wheel rims.  The halfway break was reached on lap 109 as the competitors were given 10 minutes to work on their cars with Matt Kasper leading the way.

42 drivers were able to fix their cars and return to action for the second half of the Big Cheese Enduro.  Action and calamity was still lurking as the race resumed even though the field was a bit smaller.  Troy Tuma and Wesley Townsend tangled in turn two on lap 123.  Tuma’s night would end with his right front tire all bent out of shape.  Noah Jennihgan lost it in turn two and ended up against the tire barrier on lap 125.  Blake Rehnpit’s left front wheel broke loose on the front straight on lap 127 as he hit the wall hard to bring out the red flag.  On the restart Matt Kasper continued to juke and jive through the field with relative ease.  Mechanical issues were now becoming the problem as field was slowly being whittled down.  Brad Owen popped a wheel on lap 182 causing a collision with Lester Stanfield.  Stanfield bounced off the front straight wall but was able to keep racing.  Back up front Kasper continued to make quick moves through traffic in his unscathed race car as the laps clicked away.  The field was no match for Kasper as he scored a big win and claimed the $1,000 winner’s purse.

Peter Thompson had a hungry pack to hold off over the final seven laps of the Street Stock feature.  Thompson did a terrific job to hold off Jake Schomers, as well both Chris and Keith Larson to win the last feature race of the year on his 17th wedding anniversary.  Rob Stanfield did just enough to lock up the season points title, his third division championship of 2021.

In the High School Racing Association feature Braydon Lockington pushed things a little too hard as he tangled with leader Joey Miller on lap six.  That handed the lead to Mitchell Berg who drove a perfect race to win the final feature of the season.  Lockington wrapped up the LaCrosse championship for the High School Racing Association, while Berg locked up the division’s regional championship. 

The action level will be cranked up to 15 next Saturday, September 11 as the 31st annual Night of Destruction presented by Western Technical College takes place.  Get here early and get a good seat to see Monster Trucks crushing cars, a jet car burning a vehicle or two, various impactful events like the Burnout Contest, the Rollover Contest, the Steel Wall Crash, plus the night ends with the Trailer Race of Destruction Part 2 and a huge fireworks show.  The Hornets will also be a part of the show as they run their next to last event of the season.  Gates open at 5:30, Hornet qualifying starts at 6 and the metal mangling mayhem starts at 7.
For more information about LaCrosse Speedway or the 2021 schedule of events, please call the track office at 608-786-1525 or visit our web site at lacrossespeedway.com.  LaCrosse Speedway is proud to be a NASCAR Hometrack, part of the NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series.


Big Cheese Enduro (200 laps):  1. Matt Kasper, 2. Matt Cleveland, 3. Bailey Wolf, 4. John McCabe, 5. Lester Stanfield, 6. Dave Nelson, 7. Dustin Klinski, 8. Maggie Henry, 9. Jason Schoegel, 10. Ryan Severson, 11. Laurie Jorgenson, 12. Devan Heaney, 13. Eric Rude, 14. Logan Severson, 15. Chris Kohlmeier, 16. Kenan Ward, 17. Shelby Paul, 18. Kolton Thicke, 19. Jay Raines, 20. Drew Standish

Auto Value Street Stocks

Feature (15 laps):  1. Peter Thompson, 2. Jake Schomers, 3. Keith Larson, 4. Chris Larson, 5. Matt Cleveland, 6. Alex Liebsch, 7. Rob Stanfield, 8. Clayton Haessig, 9. Zach Liebsch, 10. Lester Stanfield, 11. Brian Larson, 12. Cody Bell, 13. Al Bartels, 14. John Huebner
Heat #1 (8 laps):  1. Matt Cleveland, 2. Keith Larson, 3. Al Bartels, 4. Cody Bell, 5. Clayton Haessig, 6. Zach Liebsch, 7. Brian Larson, 8. Lester Stanfield
Heat #2 (8 laps):  1. Peter Thompson, 2. Jake Schomers, 3. Alex Liebsch, 4. John Huebner, 5. Chris Larson, 6. Rob Stanfield, 7. Steven Brasda
Qualifying:  1. Chris Larson, 2. John Huebner, 3. Rob Stanfield, 4. Jake Schomers, 5. Steven Brasda, 6. Alex Liebsch, 7. Peter Thompson, 8. Al Bartels, 9. Keith Larson, 10. Zach Liebsch, 11. Clayton Haessig, 12. Cody Bell, 13. Brian Larson, 14. Lester Stanfield, 15. Matt Cleveland (NO TIME)

High School Racing Association

Feature (15 laps):  1. Mitchell Berg, 2. Ashton Kinsey, 3. Ryan Stanfield, 4. Braydon Lockington, 5. Jayden Dahlberg, 6. Charlie Thompson, 7. Joey Miller, 8. Kelsey Clements
Heat #1 (8 laps):  1. Braydon Lockington, 2. Joey Miller, 3. Ashton Kinsey, 4. Ryan Stanfield, 5. Jayden Dahlberg, 6. Kelsey Clements, 7. Charlie Thompson, 8. Mitchell Berg
Qualifying:  1. Mitchell Berg, 2. Charlie Thompson, 3. Ashton Kinsey, 4. Braydon Lockington, 5. Jayden Dahlberg, 6. Ryan Stanfield, 7. Joey Miller, 8. Kelsey Clements
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