By:  Paul Reichert
August 1, 2020

A beautiful night welcomed another huge crowd to the La Crosse Speedway for the biggest event of the season.  The annual Trailer Race of Destruction ended an action packed of racing that saw a lot of excitement before the smashing and crashing began.  Jacob Goede dove under Nick Murgic in turn four on the final lap to power by the point leader and scored an unexpected victory.

Jacob Goede Victory Lane
Jacob Goede Victory Lane

After battling with Justin Mullikin (Holmen, WI) for the first couple laps of the Auto Value 25 lap NASCAR Late Model feature, Matt Henderson (La Crosse, WI) surged into the top spot.  Andrew Schultz (Webster, MN) and Brent Kirchner (La Crosse, WI) tangled in turn one while battling over second on lap nine.  Steve Carlson (West Salem, WI) wasted little time in diving under Henderson for the lead on lap ten.  Nick Murgic (Rosemount, MN) looked high and low for a way around Billy Mohn (Elko, MN) for the runner-up spot with five laps to go.  Carter Christenson looped it in turn four with three laps to go, setting up an exciting double file restart.  On the restart, Murgic tried to dive to the inside of Carlson.  Carlson spun out in turn two, but luckily everyone drove around him.  Mohn almost lost it in turn one on the restart, but Murgic was able to power by him to assume the lead.  Jacob Goede (Carver, MN) quickly caught Murgic and got an opening under him in turn four.  Goede powered his way by Murgic out of four and hit the finish line first.  After the race, Goede said “We would have been happy with second, but Nick drove it  a little hard in turn four and we got our opening.”

Sam Niles Victory Lane
Sam Niles Victory Lane

Sam Niles (Holmen, WI) took the lead four laps into the Sportsmen feature.  Point leader Dave Edwards (Salem, WI) and Jack Litshiem (La Crosse, WI) tried to catch Niles, but they got into their own battle over second as Niles ran away with his second win of the season.

In the Hobby Stock feature, Mark Challet got around Austin Schott on the outside with six laps to go and drove away with the victory.

Kris Berg Victory Lane
Kris Berg Victory Lane

Kris Berg dove to the inside in turn three and powered his way under Jaydin Schock coming to the white flag to take the victory in the Hornet feature.

John Caulson Trailer Race Winner
John Caulson Trailer Race Winner

The night ended with the hard hitting action that is the World Famous Trailer Race of Destruction.  Vehicles were smashing and crashing their way through boats, campers and other interesting items riding on the trailers.  When the smoke cleared and the debris settled, the fans decided who did the best job of destruction.  By the slimmest of margins, John Clauson just edged out Jimmy Bjorkman in the fan vote to capture the win.

Action continues next Saturday, August 8 with the first of back to back nights of twin features for the NASCAR Late Models.  The Sportsmen, Hobby Stocks, Street Stocks and High School Racing Association will also be in action.  Make sure you bring your appetites and your dollar bills for the second Buck Night of the season.  Gates open at 6:00, qualifying starts at 6:15 and the racing excitement kicks off at 7:30.

For more information about La Crosse Speedway or the 2020 schedule of events, please call the office at 608-786-1525 or visit our web site at lacrossespeedway.com.  LaCrosse Speedway is proud to be a NASCAR Hometrack, part of the NASCAR Advance Auto Parts Weekly Series.


Kwik Trip Late Models
Feature 1
1. 72-Jacob Goede[10]; 2. 12-Nick Murgic[13]; 3. 8C-Nick Clements[12]; 4. 8M-Billy Mohn[11]; 5. 14-Steve Bachman[5]; 6. 50-Mike Carlson[6]; 7. 8K-Brent Kirchner[7]; 8. 19H-Michael Haggar[18]; 9. 18-Jerimy Wagner[8]; 10. 14B-Grant Brown[16]; 11. 51-Justin Mullikin[2]; 12. 99-Jeff Partington[4]; 13. 31-Ryan Varner[14]; 14. 7-Don Turner[19]; 15. 47-Pete Carlson[20]; 16. 66-Steve Carlson[9]; 17. 02-Carter Christenson[15]; 18. 25D-Kenneth Donais[22]; 19. 68-Mandi Eckelberg[21]; 20. 29- Andrew Schultz[3]; 21. 33-Matthew Henderson[1]; 22. 23-Steve Schultz[17]

Dash  6 Laps
1. 66-Steve Carlson[1]; 2. 8C-Nick Clements[3]; 3. 8K-Brent Kirchner[2]; 4. 72-Jacob Goede[5]; 5. 12-Nick Murgic[6]; 6. 18- Jerimy Wagner[4] 

Heat 1
1. 33-Matthew Henderson[1]; 2. 51-Justin Mullikin[2]; 3. 8M-Billy Mohn[5]; 4. 50-Mike Carlson[7]; 5. 29-Andrew Schultz[3]; 6. 14-Steve Bachman[6]; 7. 99-Jeff Partington[4]; 8. 20-Devin Schmidt[8]

Heat 2
1. 19H-Michael Haggar[4]; 2. 14B-Grant Brown[6]; 3. 31-Ryan Varner[8]; 4. 7-Don Turner[3]; 5. 02-Carter Christenson[7]; 6. 23-Steve Schultz[5]; 7. 47-Pete Carlson[2]; 8. 68-Mandi Eckelberg[1]; 9. 25D-Kenneth Donais[9]

Qualifying 1
1. 12-Nick Murgic; 2. 72-Jacob Goede; 3. 18-Jerimy Wagner; 4. 8C-Nick Clements; 5. 8K-Brent Kirchner; 6. 66-Steve Carlson; 7. 20-Devin Schmidt; 8. 50-Mike Carlson; 9. 14-Steve Bachman; 10. 8M-Billy Mohn; 11. 99-Jeff Partington; 12. 29- Andrew Schultz; 13. 51-Justin Mullikin; 14. 33-Matthew Henderson; 15. 31-Ryan Varner; 16. 02-Carter Christenson; 17. 14B-Grant Brown; 18. 23-Steve Schultz; 19. 19H-Michael Haggar; 20. 7-Don Turner; 21. 47-Pete Carlson; 22. 68-Mandi Eckelberg; 23. 25D-Kenneth Donais

LawnKeepers Sportsmen
Feature 1
1. 28-Sam Niles[2]; 2. 5-Dave Edwards[5]; 3. 99-Jack Litsheim[6]; 4. 7-Rick Coppernoll[7]; 5. 13-Mark Challet[4]; 6. 52-Dan Howard[1]; 7. 18-Edwin Ross[8]; 8. 29-Jesse Green[3]

Heat 1 8 Laps
1. 5-Dave Edwards[6]; 2. 52-Dan Howard[2]; 3. 28-Sam Niles[7]; 4. 99-Jack Litsheim[5]; 5. 7-Rick Coppernoll[3]; 6. 13-Mark Challet[4]; 7. 29-Jesse Green[1]; 8. 18-Edwin Ross[8]

Qualifying 1
1. 28-Sam Niles; 2. 5-Dave Edwards; 3. 99-Jack Litsheim; 4. 13-Mark Challet; 5. 7-Rick Coppernoll; 6. 52-Dan Howard; 7. 29-Jesse Green; 8. 18-Edwin Ross

Auto Value Hobby Stocks
A Feature 1
15 Laps 1. 7-Mark Challet[6]; 2. 2S-Austin Schott[1]; 3. 8-Jason Bolster[4]; 4. 42-Alex Rud[5]; 5. 5-Brandon Gallagher[3]; 6. (DQ) 33- Lester Stanfield[2]

Heat 1 8 Laps
1. 33-Lester Stanfield[5]; 2. 5-Brandon Gallagher[4]; 3. 2S-Austin Schott[1]; 4. 8-Jason Bolster[3]; 5. 7-Mark Challet[6]; 6. 42-Alex Rud[2]

Qualifying 1 1 Laps
1. 33-Lester Stanfield; 2. 5-Brandon Gallagher; 3. 8-Jason Bolster; 4. 42-Alex Rud; 5. 2S-Austin Schott; 6. 7-Mark Challet

ANTS Pest Control Hornets

Feature 1 12 Laps
1. 25-Kristopher Berg[10]; 2. 88-Brandon LeMoine[5]; 3. 10-Jaydin Schock[7]; 4. 3-Michael Wachs Jr[11]; 5. 32-Joey Johnson[9]; 6. 28-Jimmy Bjorkman[15]; 7. 01-Dexter Malin[14]; 8. 44-Jake Schomers[8]; 9. 6-Shawn McCarthy[16]; 10. 3/4- Nick Hadler[2]; 11. 24-Justin Iverson[3]; 12. 33L-Marc Luethe[12]; 13. 4-Chuck Lofquist[17]; 14. 22-John Clauson[19]; 15. 96-Keanna Barney[18]; 16. 14-John Huebner[6]; 17. 77-Robert Stanfield[4]; 18. 41-Cheyanne Stanfield[13]; 19. 21-Jacob Iverson[1] 

Heat 1 8 Laps
1. 14-John Huebner[2]; 2. 32-Joey Johnson[6]; 3. 3-Michael Wachs Jr[8]; 4. 01-Dexter Malin[3]; 5. 28-Jimmy Bjorkman[9]; 6. 41-Cheyanne Stanfield[10]; 7. 10-Jaydin Schock[4]; 8. 44-Jake Schomers[5]; 9. 25-Kristopher Berg[7]; 10. 88-Brandon LeMoine[1]

Heat 2 8 Laps
1. 6-Shawn McCarthy[3]; 2. 33L-Marc Luethe[6]; 3. 77-Robert Stanfield[8]; 4. 24-Justin Iverson[7]; 5. 3/4-Nick Hadler[5]; 6. 21-Jacob Iverson[4]; 7. 4-Chuck Lofquist[2]; 8. 96-Keanna Barney[1]; 9. 22-John Clauson[10]

Qualifying 1
1. 41-Cheyanne Stanfield; 2. 28-Jimmy Bjorkman; 3. 3-Michael Wachs Jr; 4. 25-Kristopher Berg; 5. 32-Joey Johnson; 6. 44- Jake Schomers; 7. 10-Jaydin Schock; 8. 01-Dexter Malin; 9. 14-John Huebner; 10. 88-Brandon LeMoine; 11. 77-Robert Stanfield; 12. 24-Justin Iverson; 13. 33L-Marc Luethe; 14. 3/4-Nick Hadler; 15. 50-Tom Luethe; 16. 21-Jacob Iverson; 17. 6- Shawn McCarthy; 18. 4-Chuck Lofquist; 19. 96-Keanna Barney

Trailer Race of Destruction (Fan Vote):  1. John Clauson, 2. Jimmy Bjorkman, 3. Jared Novak

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