By: Paul Reichert
May 11, 2019

It may have been a cool and windy night to kick off weekly racing for 2019 at LaCrosse, but the action on the track was blazing hot. If you thought the Frostbuster had some exciting racing action, tonight’s racing cranked the excitement meter a little higher. Nick Panitzke was on a mission tonight as he captured his first NASCAR Late Model feature win of the season and evened things with Steve Carlson two weeks into the season.

Nick Clements took charge of the NASCAR Late Model feature early in the going. While Clements was trying to build up his lead, Nick Panitzke and Steve Carlson began to slice their way through the field. By the halfway point of the feature, Panitzke was third and Carlson was fifth. Panitzke drove by both Ty Reedy in turn one and Nick Clements in turn three to settle into the race lead on lap 14. Two laps later, Carlson shot past Clements to take over second. Yellow flew with seven to go for Adam Oxborough’s spin in turn two. That would double up the field, and put Panitzke and Carlson on the front row. On the restart, Panitzke hit the gas and left Carlson in his dust on the way to victory lane. Jacob Goede got by Carlson with four to go to take second. In victory lane, Panitzke told the fans “We will be here all year.” You don’t want to miss how the 2019 championship plays out between Carlson and Panitzke.

After taking the lead a lap into the Sportsmen feature, Jeff Thompson had to contend with Brian Hesselberg for much of the race. Hesselberg make his move under Thompson with three to go to score the win. The win would be a belated birthday present for the driver of the 5 car.

Andy Moore drove out to a huge lead in the Hobby Stock feature until the caution came out with five to go. It would not stop Moore as he stepped on the gas and drove away with the victory.

Kris Berg got around John Huebner with three to go to capture the Hornet feature. Reinging champ Rob Stanfield build a huge lead and scored an uncontested win in the Mini Van feature. The first Novelty event of the year, the 2nd Over the Line Wins race, was claimed by Berg.

Action continues next Saturday, May 17 with the Late Models competing in two 20-lap features. The Sportsmen Hobby Stocks and Street Stocks will also be a part of the show. Gates open at 6:00, qualifying begins at 6:15, and racing action starts at 7:30.

For more information about LaCrosse Speedway or the 2019 schedule of events, please call the office at 608-786-1525 or visit LaCrosse Speedway is proud to be a NASCAR Hometrack, par tof the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series.

Tobacco Outlet Plus Grocery NASCAR Late Models
Feature: 1. NIck Panitzke, 2. Jacob Goede, 3. Steve Carlson, 4. Ty Reedy, 5. Cole Howland
6-For-6 Dash: 1. Howland, 2. Adam Degenhardt, 3. Bobby Wilberg
Heat 1: 1. Pantizke, 2. S. Carlson, 3. Brent Kirchner
Heat 2: 1. Carter Christenson, 2. Mike Ehde, 3. Jeff Partington
Qualifying: 1. Goede, 2. Randy Humfeld, 3. Brad Powell

Mountain Dew AMP Game Fuel Sportsmen
Feature: 1. Brian Hesselberg, 2. Jeff Thompson, 3. Tom Luethe, 4. Sam Niles, 5. Chris Skrede
6-For-6 Dash: 1. Luethe, 2. Hesselberg, 3. Weber
Heat: 1. Sam Niles, 2. Skrede, 3. Mandi Eckelberg
Qualifying: 1. Weber, 2. Thompson, 3. Luethe

Auto Value Hobby Stocks
Feature: 1. Andy Moore, 2. Kaleb Hardy, 3. Jason Schaller, 4. Jason Bolster, 5. Taylor Dobbs
Dash: 1. Andy Moore, 2. Hardy, 3. Secor
Heat: 1. Brandon Gallagher, 2. Alex Rud, 3. Schaller
Qualifying: 1. Hardy, 2. Andy Moore, 3. Bolster

ANT’s Complete Pest Control Hornets
Feature: 1. Kris Berg, 2. Jaydin Schock, 3. Jake Schomers, 4. Mark Bornitz, 5. John Huebner
Heat 1: 1. Bornitz, 2. Schelitzche, 3. Patrick Thicke
Heat 2: 1. Rob Stanfield, 2. Ben Thurk, 3. Shawn McCarthy
Heat 3: 1. Jimmy Bjorkman, 2. Schock, 3. Schomers

Mountain Dew Mini-Vans
Feature: 1. Rob Stanfield, 2. Matt Moore, 3. Keith Larson, 4. Matt Bornheimer, 5. Al Bartels
Heat: 1. M. Moore, 2. Stanfield, 3. Chris Larson
Qualifying: 1. Stanfield, 2. M. Moore, 3. K. Larson

2nd Over the Line Wins: 1. Kris Berg, 2. Shawn McCarthy, 3. John Huebner

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