By: Paul Reichert
May 25, 2019

The Memorial Day weekend is always known as the unofficial start to the summer season. We here at the LaCrosse Speedway celebrate it with Buck Night, as race fans get to enjoy concessions for only $1. Nick Panitzke enjoyed a great night on the track as he left Steve Carlson in his wake to capture his second straight feature victory of the season.

Minnesota driver Jeff Partington quickly got by Justin Mullikin to take the lead at the start of the NASCAR Late Model feature. While the field was trying to sort itself out, Partington pulled out to a huge lead. It only took six laps for Nick Panitzke to maneuver his way through to get around Mullikin for second. Panitzke needed another five laps to zero on in Partington and shot by the 99 machine to assume command of the race. Steve Carlson a little longer to work his way through the field, but he eventually motored by Partington to take second on lap 15. Carlson could not make a dent in Panitzke’s lead as he drove away to the win on this night. In victory lane, Panitzke said “It feels like our race package is really good now and where we want it.” Carlson replied with “Whatever he’s got, I want some of it.”

In the Sportsmen feature, Chris Weber got by Mandi Eckelberg for the lead a lap into the race. Despite a yellow for a crash between Jeff Thompson and John Grosskopf, Weber wasted little time in driving away from the field to score a commanding win over Tom Luethe.

Rookie Alex Rud led the first 11 laps of the Hobby Stock feature before Dan Secor took away the top spot with three to go to capture his first feature win since 2007. Cheyanne Stanfield took the lead seven laps into the Hornet feature, then had to fight off Patrick Thicke to claim her first ever feature win.

Reigning Mini Van champion Rob Stanfield took the lead halfway through the feature and would run away with another big win. The Dukes Jumping Contest concluded the night, and Late Model driver Nick Clements gave the fans a great performance that the Dukes would be proud of.

Action continues next Saturday, June 1 with the Late Models, Sportsmen, Hobby Stock and Street Stocks. After qualifying, the kids will get a chance to ride in a stock car during the Kids’ Rides. Gates open at 6:00, qualifying starts at 6:15, and racing action fires up at 7:30.

For more information about the LaCrosse Speedway or the 2019 schedule of events, please call the office at 608-786-1525 or visit LaCrosse Speedway is proud to be a NASCAR Hometrack, part of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series.

Tobacco Outlet Plus Grocery NASCAR Late Models
Feature: 1. Nick Panitzke, 2. Steve Carlson, 3. Jeff Partington, 4. Nick Clements, 5. Randy Humfeld
6-For-6 Dash: 1. Panitzke, 2. S. Carlson, 3. Cole Howland
Heat 1: 1. Steve Bachman, 2. Mike Carlson, 3. Mike Ehde
Heat 2: 1. Don Turner, 2. Carter Christianson, 3. Partington
Qualifying: 1. Panitzke, 2. Brad Powell, 3. Brent Kirchner

Mountain Dew AMP Game Fuel Sportsmen
Feature: 1. Chris Weber, 2. Tom Luethe, 3. Brian Hesselberg, 4. Sam Niles, 5. Chris Skrede
6-For-6 Dash: 1. Niles, 2. Weber, 3. Hesselberg
Heat: 1. Jesse Green, 2. John Grosskopf, 3. Henry Vian
Qualifying: 1. Weber, 2. Luethe, 3. Jeff Thompson

Auto Value Hobby Stocks
Feature: 1. Dan Secor, 2. Jason Bolster, 3. Kaleb Hardy, 4. Tom Farra, 5. Alex Rud
Dash: 1. Hardy, 2. Taylor Dobbs, 3. Bolster
Heat: 1. Brandon Gallagher, 2. Mark Challet, 3. Rud
Qualifying: 1. Hardy, 2. Bolster, 3. Secor

ANT’s Complete Pest Control Hornets
Feature: 1. Cheyanne Stanfield, 2. Patrick Thicke, 3. Rob Schliefer, 4. Shawn McCarthy, 5. Kris Berg
Heat 1: 1. Thicke, 2. Ben Thurk, 3. Dexter Malin
Heat 2: 1. C. Stanfield, 2. Jaydin Schock, 3. Troy Tuma
Heat 3: 1. Schliefer, 2. Jimmy Bjorkman, 3. Dakota Clausen

Mountain Dew MIni Vans
Feature: 1. Rob Stanfield, 2. Matt Moore, 3. Clayton Haessig, 4. Chris Larson, 5. Matt Bornheimer
Heat: 1. M. Moore, 2. R. Stanfield, 3. C. Larson
Qualifying: 1. R. Stanfield, 2. M. Moore, 3. Keith Larson

Dukes Jumping Contest: 1. Nick Clements, 2. Tom Farra

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