By: Stephanie Johnson
(West Salem, WI – September 12, 2015) A wild night of destruction was bestowed upon us tonight for the Western Technical College Eve of Destruction. Before all the destruction, children were invited down onto the track to draw on the racing surface. This was done in lieu of the driver fan egg toss.

Up 1st for the evening was the T-Bone crash by Dan Ostoff. Osthoff hit the upright car on his 1st pass and destroyed the corner of the Cadillac he was driving.

ANTS Complete Pest Control Hornets saw action tonight with some wild heat races and a feature. Heat race winners were John Towner, Garrett Thicke and Tom Luethe. All 23 drivers were sent to the feature race held later in the evening.
2 steel wall crashes were performed by Taylor Dobbs and Dan Osthoff. Dobbs was running the Packer car and Osthoff was running the Bears car. After both had completed their runs, the fan vote was clear. Dobbs was the unanimous winner as the crowd fell silent for Osthoff.

Four Mississippi Mayhem Fire Cars competed to see who could throw the biggest flame. The crowd went crazy for these cars. Up next, Benny the Bomb. Benny blew himself up inside an Outhouse. It took him a little bit of time to stand after the explosion but he was A OK. Benny was also seen later in the night. He blew himself up inside a car. All four doors blew off and Benny was pulled from the burning car. Once again Benny was just fine. The crowd cheered loudly for him.

Ray Rice with the Incinerator and Jim Burns with Mechanical Mischief were both back with their Monster Trucks to put on a show for the fans. Ray Rice jumped cars and spun some donuts but was nearing the end of his first run and ended up breaking a rear axle on a landing. Jim Burns came out and put on a heck of a show for the fans. He jumped cars, did wheelies and spun donuts on the front stretch.

Dan Osthoff was the eventual winner of the roll over contest with 7 points. Taylor Dobbs was 2nd with 4 points and Johnathan Burbach rounded out the event with zero points.

Figure 8 racers saw some massive destruction in their race tonight. There were lots of parts flying during this race. Andy Moore was the winner as he passed Tyler Michshl on the last lap.

We saw Dan Osthoff fly through the air 4 times in the Dukes of Hazard Jump. Taylor Dobbs and Johnathan Burbach also competed but weren’t able to fly as far as Osthoff.

The Hornet feature saw the green flag drop and Jordan Young took off to an early lead. Andy Moore and Patrick Thicke quickly made their way to the front of the field and battled for the top spot. Lapped traffic aided Thicke in a pass and he was declared the winner, followed by Joey Johnson, Moore, Kris Berg and Tom Luethe.

The most destruction of the night was seen in the Trailer Race. After 8 wild laps of carnage, Cheyanne Stanfield was declared the winner by the fans for the 2nd time this year. We didn’t get to see the Jet Car as it had mechanical issues and wasn’t able to fire.

The next event on the Speedway calendar is the 46th Annual Oktobefest Race Weekend. Oct. 8-11.
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LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway is a proud NASCAR Hometrack, part of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series – www.hometracks.nascar.com.

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