By: Stephanie Johnson
(West Salem, WI – July 11, 2015) On a hot summer night in July, there was some wild racing at the LaCrosse Speedway. The heat of the summer brought back some familiar names to the track like: Steve Bachman, Jake Arneson and John Olson. Bachman and Olson found victory lane on this hot and sticky Saturday night.

The Kwik Trip NASCAR Late Models saw Jason Dummer and Jack Litsheim take the green flag. On lap 3 Adam Degenhardt took the lead from Dummer and held it for eight laps. Steve Carlson, your current points leader, came from 10th place to challenge for the lead and took it with 14 laps to go. Carlson, with 5 feature wins on the year, pulled away from Degenhardt. With 2 laps to go, Ty Majeski takes 2nd place from Degenhardt. Steve Carlson went on to win a caution free, 6th feature of the year. Steve said “I had a pretty good car tonight. Also making god moves at the beginning of the race helped me get up front.”

The Dean’s Satellite Sportsmen feature was started with Jake Bemis and Jeff Thompson on the front row. Bemis hit the grass in turn 4 but was able to get back on the track and prevent a caution. Justin Mullikin takes the lead on lap 4 but was later involved in a wreck in turn 2 with Brian Hesselberg and Tony Leis.

Steve Bachman lead lap 4 and the rest of the race after a couple of cautions brought out the orange cone. Bachman took the inside line each time the cone was placed on the front stretch. Single file restart saw Nick Clements behind Bachman on the restart with 5 laps to go. Bachman held off Clements for his 1st feature win of the season. This comes after Bachman was off for 7 weeks with a broken hand.

The Auto Value Thunderstox feature started with Bill Schott and Kayla Lockington on the front row. Paul Mahlum III spun on lap 3 and brought out the caution. Jacinda Pfaff and Andy Moore were hard charging towards the front of the pack when Kaleb Hardy went around in turn one to bring out the 2nd caution of the race. Moore took the lead with 5 to go and battled with Bill Schott for the race win. Andy Moore pulled off the victory with Schott, Pfaff, Kyle Lockington and Thomas Farra rounded out the top 5. After post race inspection, Bill Schott was disqualified for unknown reasons.

The ANTS Complete Pest Control Hornets stung into action with John Clausen and Paul Mahlum III taking the green flag but it was Clausen who pulled away from the field. On lap 3, Brandon Lemoine, Tom Luethe, Kevin Turner, Rob Stanfield and Cheyanne Williamson were all involved in a big wreck in turn 3. After all was sorted out, Clausen and Viner were put on the pole for the restart.

Patrick Thicke, your current points leader, went from 6th to 1st in one corner. He led the race at the checkered flag, but failed to pass post race inspection and the win was awarded to Nate Towner.

Next weekend, the speedway features two events with Fairtime Friday Street Drags. On Saturday the Late Models, Sportsmen, Thunderstox, Street Stocks, and Twin 20 lap Late Model Features as a Fairtime Special. For more information please call the Speedway office at (608) 786-1525 or visit

LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway is a proud NASCAR Hometrack, part of the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series –

Kwik Trip NASCAR Late Models
Festival Foods 25 Feature (18 cars) — 1, Steve Carlson, West Salem, 2. Ty Majeski, Seymour, 3. Adam Degenhardt, Coon Valley, 4. Shawn Pfaff, Sparta, 5. Mike Carlson, West Salem, 6. Harley Jankowski, Sparta, 7. Brad Powell, LaCrosse, 8. Jerimy Wagner, Onalask, 9. Matthew Henderson, LaCrose, 10. Jack Litsheim, LaCrosse, 11. Todd Oliver, Bangor, 12. Jason Dummer, Holmen, 13. Carter Christenson, West Salem, 14. Cam Dezelske, LaCrosse, 15. Jonathan Eckelberg, West Salem 16. Curt Eckelberg, West Salem, 17. Justin Zmyewski, Houston MN, 18. Jimmy Summerfield, Rockland
Qualifying — 1, Steve Carlson, 19.926 secs, 98.540 mph, 2. Ty Majeski, 19.934 secs, 98.500 mph, 3. Shawn Pfaff, 20.138 secs, 97.502 mph, 4. Brad Powell, 20.167 secs, 97.362 mph, 5. Jerimy Wagner, 20.231 secs, 97.054 mph, 6. Matthew Henderson, 20.274, 7. Adam Degenhardt, 20.334, 8. Mike Carlson, 20.394, 9. Jack Litsheim, 20.416, 10.Harley Jankowski, 20.475, 11. Todd Oliver, 20.768, 12. Carter Christenson, 20.793, 13. Jason Dummer, 20.860, 14. Cam Dezelske, 21.270, 15. Curt Eckelberg, 21.270, 16. Jonathan Eckelberg, 21.952, 17. Justin Zmyewski, 22.302, 18. Jimmy Summerfield, 24.451
Six for Six Dash – 1. Ty Majeski, 2. Matthew Henderson, 3. Brad Powell, 4. Steve Carlson, 5. Shawn Pfaff
Heat Race — 1, Jason Dummer, 2. Curt Eckelberg, 3. Jonathan Eckelberg, 4. Justin Zmyewski, 5. Jimmy Summerfield
Heat 2 — 1, Mike Carlson, 2. Harley Jankowski, 3. Adam Degenhardt, 4. Jack Litsheim, 5. Todd Oliver

Dean’s Satellite Sportsmen
Festival Foods 15 Feature (13 cars) — 1, Steve Backman, West Salem, 2. Nick Clements, West Salem, 3. John Olson, Sparta, 4. Jake Arneson, Taylor, 5. Tony Leis, Onalaska, 6.Brian Hesselberg, Bangor, 7. Jeff Thompson, Galesville, 8. Justin Mullikin, Holmen, 9. Mark Challet, LaCrosse, 10. Jamie Dummer, Tomah, 11. Jake Bemis, Trempealeau, 12. Mandi Eckelberg, West Salem, 13. John Radtke, LaCrosse
Qualifying — 1, Nick Clements, 21.629 secs, 90.781 mph, 2. Tony Leis, 21.930 secs, 89.535, 3. Steve Bachman, 21.982 secs, 89.323 mph, 4. Jake Arneson, 22.054 secs, 89.031 mph, 5. Brian Hesselberg, 21.908 secs, 88.614, 6. Justin Mullikin, 22.195, 7. John Olson, 22.195, 8. Jamie Dummer, 22.494, 9. Jeff Thompson, 22.887, 10. Jake Bemis, 23.090, 11. Mandi Eckelberg, 23.469, 12. John Radtke, 23.607, 13. Mark Challet, 99.999
Six for Six Dash – 1. Brian Hesselberg, 2. Steve Bachman, 3. Nick Clements, 4. Tony Leis, 5. Jake Arneson
Heat 1 — 1, John Olson; 2, Jamie Dummer; 3, Jeff Thompson; 4, Jake Bemis; 5, Mandi Eckelberg

Auto Value Thunderstox
Festival Foods 15 Feature (13 cars) — 1. Andy Moore, Sparta 2. Jacinda Pfaff, Sparta 3. Kyle Lockington, LaCrosse 4. Thomas Farra, Cashton 5. Charles Vian Jr., Sparta 6. Scott Mahlum, LaCrosse 7. Kaleb Hardy, Sparta 8. Ron White, Camp Douglas 9. Kayla Lockington, Mindoro 10. Melissa Rusch, LaCrosse 11. Nate White, Rockland 12. Radlee Pfaff, Sparta 13. Bill Schott, LaCrosse
Heat 1 — 1, Jacinda Pfaff, 2. Charles Vian Jr., 3. Thomas Farra, 4. Kayla Lockington, 5. Kyle Lockington
Heat 2 — 1, Nate White, 2. Andy Moore, 3. Scott Mahlum, 4. Kaleb Hardy, 5. Ron White
Dash – 1. Charles Vian Jr., 2. Andy Moore, 3. Jacinda Pfaff, 4. Nate White

ANTS Complete Pest Control Hornets
Festival Foods 15 Feature (20 cars) — 1, Nate Towner, Trempeauleau, 2. Hunter Miller, West Salem, 3. Garrett Thicke, West Salem, 4. Jake Schomers, LaCrescent MN, 5. Jeff Thompson, LaCrosse, 6. Tom Luethe, West Salem, 7. Brandon Lemoine, West Salem, 8. John Piotrowski, Black River Falls, 9. Jeff Von Ruden, Norwalk, 10. John Clausen, Onalaska, 11. Sammy Linnehan, Sparta, 12. Cheyanne Williamson, LaCrosse, 13. Paul Mahlum III, Holmen, 14. Cheyanne Stanfield, Sparta, 15. Kris Berg, Ettrick, 16. Josh Viner, LaCrosse, 17. John Towner, Trempeauleau, 18. Kevin Turner, LaCrosse, 19. Robert Stanfield, LaCrosse, 20. Patrick Thicke, West Salem
B-Feature (Top 5 Advance) – 1. Brandon Lemoine, 2. Jeff Von Ruden, 3. Cheyanne Stanfield, 4. Rob Stanfield, 5. Cheyanne Williamson, 6. Robert Stanfield, LaCrosse, 7. Cheyanne Stanfield, Sparta, 8. Cheyanne Williamson, LaCrosse, 9. Jonathan Burbach, Winona, 10. Matt Miller, LaCrosse, 11. Paul Mahlum III, Holmen, 12. Kevin Thompson, Galesville, 13. Jordan Freehill, LaCrosse

Heat 1 — 1, Josh Viner, 2. Nate Towner, 3. John Towner, 4. Kevin Turner, 5. Jake Schomers
Heat 2 — 1, Jeff Thompson, 2. Hunter Miller, 3. Garrett Thicke, 4. John Clauson, 5. Sammy Linnehan
Heat 3 — 1, Patrick Thicke, 2. Kris Berg, 3. Tom Luethe, 4. John Piotrowski, 5. Paul Mahlum III

Figure 8 Race — 1. John Clausen, 2. Hunter Miller, 3. Sammy Linnehan, 4. Garrett Thicke, 5. Tyler Mickschel, 6. Jared Novak, 7. Jeff Thompson

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