Litsheim Wins Hornet Championship at Eve of Destruction

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By: Ashley Iwanski

(West Salem, WI – September 11, 2010) It was just as it should be. Cars were being smashed and lit on fire. Smoke was filling the air, debris was flying, miscellaneous food items were being blown up and a champion was crowned during the Eve of Destruction at La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway. And the fans that filled the grandstands loved every exciting minute of the night.

Jack Litsheim was declared the 2010 Window World Hornets Championship over Kevin Turner. The championship came down to a tiebreak that was determined by who had more feature wins over the season. Just seven points separated first through fifth after the heat races earlier in the night. Kim Strom was the point leader entering the features, but had car problems and had to pull off the track under caution. Litsheim however, survived the three wide racing, car colliding second feature taking the feature win as well. Shelby Oliver won the first feature.

The Trailer Race of Destruction was once again chaotic and brutal. It didn’t take long for most trailers to be piled up and stuck in turn three. Debris was scattered all over the track including mannequins off of the Oktoberfest designed trailer. As expected there were only a few trailers left in the end. Deciding the winner was left up to the fans and the fan favorite was John Ratz pulling the Oktoberfest trailer.

One of the biggest attractions of the night was the Monster Trucks. Mechanical Mischief beat The Felon during the Monster Truck challenge. The Felon pulled out of the pits and quickly went to work smashing the four cars out on the track sending debris flying in all directions. By the time he was done pouncing on the cars there didn’t appear to be much left for Mechanical Mischief to destroy. But he was able to surprise the fans. He completely destroyed what was left of the cars winning over the fans.

Another of the main attractions was the Green Mamba Jet Car. The first of its events was the Mamba Fire Show. It rode around the track shooting fire out of the back engine. The first burst of fire left you seeing spots and even from 50 yards away you could feel the heat coming from the car warm your face. Each eruption was also accompanied by a mini-earthquake that shook the tower. Later in the night the Green Mamba returned to melt down a car. Sitting in the middle of the quarter mile track with a car behind it, the Green Mamba lit its engine and quickly liquefied the car behind it. Sparks and chunks of melted metal were erupting off of the car.

To begin the night Wade Elliot and Ben Allen went head-to-head in a Steel Wall challenge. Each driver took turns slamming their cars into a steel wall composed of a car propped up on its nose. Allen went first and teased the crowd by missing the first time around. On his second time around he sent the steel wall car flying into the air and crashing to the ground in pieces. Elliot went second and took off out of turn four. He hit the steel wall head on sending it up in the air and landing on the tires. After a fan vote Allen was declared the challenge winner.

Allen then took his car back to turn four for a run through the Gauntlet of Doom. Allen took off and hit the pyramid of cars at 60 MPH. He hit one of the base cars and the top car dropped down almost smashing the back end of Allen’s car. Later, Allen climbed back behind the wheel, only this time driving a limo for the Limo Jump. He took off out of turn four and hit the ramp. He got enough air to land on top of the four cars at the end of the ramp. Two of the cars went flying like marbles while the limo used the other two as skates.

Other events for the night include a Roll Over contest that Ren Revels won with seven total points. On his first try Revels rolled the car completely over four five points and scored two more points on his second try. Also, Kyle Swenson took home a feature win in the Skidders division.

Don’t forget, the 41st Annual Oktoberfest Race Weekend is October 7-10. There will be more than twenty racing divisions throughout the four-day event including eight points championships. The La Crosse Late Model, Sportsmen and Thunderstox championship races will be on Thursday, October 7, the first night of racing. The Big 8, ASA Midwest Tour, ASA Late Models, ASA Trucks, and Mid-Americans will also be racing for championships. On Sunday, October 10 there will be a brand new race, the JMCK 63 in honor of the late John McKarns. It will be a weekend you won’t want to miss. Also Saturday, October 16 is Bracket Nationals Street Drags. For more information about LaCrosse Fairgrounds Speedway and the 2010 schedule of events, call the Speedway office at (608) 786-1525 or visit the speedway on the web

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