Fans Swarm the Stands for the Eve of Destruction

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By: Ashley Iwanski

(West Salem, WI – September 12, 2009) Thousands crowded the stands to witness one of the most exciting events at La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway all season. The fans were on their feet all night cheering on one enthralling event after another.

The most anticipated event of the night was the Trailer Race of Destruction. The race had one of the biggest fleets of trailers ever. After the first few laps the race had to be red flagged to clear the wreckage that was piled up in turn three. The debris continued to pile up all around the track as trailers were being smashed to pieces. In the end the fans voted to see who of the last six trailers still partial intact would get the win. An extremely loud crowd declared John Ratz the official winner.

The motorcycle stuntmen who amazed the crowd at last years Eve of Destruction are beginning to become regulars at La Crosse Speedway. Stuntmen Joe Beavers and Ryan Suchanak returned with wheelies, burnouts, standing and balancing on the seat of their motorcycles and a multitude of other gravity defying stunts. And just in case the crowd didn’t see enough the first time around they performed a second time later on in the night.

One of the most exciting events of the night was the Monster Truck Crush. The Felon started the event by pouncing on the cars lined up. Mechanical Mischief followed suited and completely smashed what was left of the cars. Fans got to choose the winner between the two and The Felon was the fan choice. They returned later in the night to perform another show for the fans. Mechanical Mischief was able to go first the second time around and once he was finished there wasn’t much left to do for The Felon, but he still managed to put on an eye popping show.

Stuntmen Ben Allen and Dakota Miller had the crowd on their feet for a Steel Wall Crash competition. Allen had his turn first; he teased the crowd by missing the car the first time. On his second time around he slammed into the car flipping it onto its roof. When Miller took his turn he sped down the front stretch at 60 mph and smashed into the car so hard it flipped completely over landing on its tires. After a fan vote Miller was declared the winner. Allen was also behind the wheel for the School Bus Jump. He sped down the front stretch, hit a ramp and slammed into a trailer. The entire front of the bus was torn off and the trailer was destroyed beyond recognition.

Kaleb Miller was the only driver brave enough to participate in the Gauntlet of Doom. He started in turn four and raced down the front stretch to slam into a tower of cars. He managed to knock the top car off of the tower and still make it completely through without the car landing on his. Miller also participated in the Roll Over Contest along with Dakota Miller and Steve Rusch. Each driver had two chances to gain points. Kaleb Miller rolled his car over the most times to walk away with the win.

Both the Features Sports Bar and Grill Hornets and the Skidders were out racing tonight. The Hornets were eager to race when they started the night and throughout both of the features. They quickly moved into three and four wide racing. A caution came out during the second feature due to all of the pushing and shoving the cars were doing. In the end Joey Johnson Sr. won the first feature and Nate Towner the second. Chris Larson managed to win both the heat race and feature race in the Skidders division. It wasn’t an easy feat with Kyle Swenson chasing him down in both races. Swenson finished 2nd.

October 8th–11th is La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway’s 40th Annual Oktoberfest Race Weekend. Throughout the 4-day event filled weekend there will be 19 different divisions of racing including the ASA Midwest Tour, ASA Late Model North, Wisconsin Late Models, La Crosse Late Models, USST North Trucks, Super Sportsmen, Thunderstox and many more! For more information about La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway please visit or contact the office at (608) 786-1525 or

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