Kirchner Rebuilds Car For Strong Win at LaCrosse

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By: Dave Noelke
Saturday, May 24, 2008 (West Salem, WI) – On a night with picture perfect weather, race fans kicked off the Memorial Day Weekend with a night full of racing excitement at LaCrosse (WI) Fairgrounds Speedway. It was Brent Kirchner of LaCrosse Taking the checkers first in the Dean’s Satellite / DirecTV Feature, claiming his first win of the season.

The Kwik Trip NASCAR Late Model Feature started with Tim Nelson on the pole, and the first yellow came out with a spin by Todd Oliver in Turn Two. Six laps later Todd Korish spun and was relegated to the pits. Meanwhile, deep in the pack was defending series champion and fast qualifier, Steve Carlson, who started 10th. With nine laps to go Carlson had moved up to 3rd, and a third yellow came out with six to go, when Tony Bagstad and Emily Sue Steck tangled between turns two and three. Last week’s winner Kevin Nuttleman spun his car to avoid hitting the cars of Steck and Bagstad, which were sitting in the middle of the track. Nuttleman gently went nose first into the wall, but was able to continue. Carlson managed to get past Nelson on the restart and was able to cruise home 2nd behind winner Kirchner.

“This is a ten year old car that we’re working with, and it’s been a lot of work trying to get the setup dialed in,” Kirchner commented after the race. “We’ve had some late nights this week, as we took the entire car apart to get it figured out. Steve (Carlson) is probably the best driver ever here, and I knew he was coming, but luckily we had just enough laps,” concluded the elated Kirchner in Victory Lane, following his second year in a row with a feature win. The top five was concluded with Carlson, Nelson, Mike Carlson, and Jeff Baker, who posted his best career finish in the Kwik Trip NASCAR Late Model Division.

The North Country Contractors Sportsmen feature presented by Dean’s Satellite and DirecTV began with Rob Curran and Nick Clements on the Front Row. Lap three resulted in the only yellow, as point leader John Olson spun in turn two along with Joe Rinartz. At the same time, Rob Mason and Justin Berg tangled going into turn three. Jerimy Wagner, meanwhile, took control of the lead from his third place starting position. That changed with six laps to go, as Jes Tenner got inside Wagner in turn four to take control of the lead. Tenner was able to hold the lead to the finish, ahead of Rick Schermerhorn, Wagner, Clements, and Jake Arneson.

. The United Auto Supply Thunderstox feature was full of thrills and close racing. Steve Rusch and Kayla Steinhoff started up front, and Rusch took off to an early lead. Charles Vian Jr. was close in tow, and was able to take the lead on lap 4. During the Mid Race laps, point leader Jamie Dummer tangled with Steve Owen, resulting in Owen simulating a “tough truck contest” or – ATV type ride though the bumpy inside of the quarter mile track. As Owen re-entered the track, Keith Larson was taken out in turn four. At the finish, it was Vian Jr., Rusch, Adam Moore, Tony Wheeler, and rookie Nathan White finishing in the top five.

Next Saturday, May 31st, racing will continue with the Kwik Trip NASCAR Late Models, the North Country Contractors Sportsmen, the United Auto Supply Thunderstox divisions, and the Tuners. Plus, a Thunderstox Outhouse Race Novelty Event will entertain the fans. Be sure to mark the calendar for Saturday June 7th, as the ASA Late Model North Series stars invade the LaCrosse Speedway. In addition to the River Run 100 ASA Race, the Kwik Trip NASCAR Late Models will run TWIN 25 Lap features. The North Country Contractors Sportsmen will also be on hand for this special event. For More information about the River Run 100, please visit For more information about La Crosse Fairgrounds Speedway please visit or contact the office at (608) 786-1525 or .


DIRECTV DEAN’S SATELLITE 25 Feature (18 Cars) — 1. Brent Kirchner, LaCrosse, 2. Steve Carlson, West Salem, 3. Tim Nelson, LaCrescent MN, 4. Mike Carlson, West Salem, 5. Jeff Baker, Holmen, 6. Shawn Pfaff, Sparta, 7. Tom Thill, West Salem, 8. Emily Sue Steck, Holmen, 9. Todd Oliver, Bangor, 10. Ty Reedy, LaCrosse, 11. Tony Bagstad, Sparta, 12. Matthew Henderson, Coon Valley, 13. Bill Niles, Holmen, 14. J. Herbst, West Salem, 15. Kevin Nuttleman, Bangor, 16. Paul Proksch, Stoddard, 17. Todd Korish, Holmen, 18. Albert Locy, Onalaska;

Qualifying — 1,. Steve Carlson, West Salem, 19.958 Sec. 98.382 MPH; 2. Mike Carlson, West Salem, 19.968 Sec, 98.332 MPH; 3. Todd Korish, Holmen, 20.036 Sec. 97.999 MPH; 4. Todd Oliver, Bangor, 20.122 Sec., 97.580 MPH; 5. Tony Bagstad, Cashton, 20.130 Sec. 97.541 MPH; 6. Kevin Nuttleman, Bangor; 7. Ty Reedy, LaCrosse; 8. Emily Sue Steck, Holmen; 9. Jeff Baker, Holmen; 10. Paul Proksch, Stoddard; 11. Brent Kirchner, LaCrosse; 12. Tim Nelson, LaCrescent MN; 13. Shawn Pfaff, Sparta; 14. J. Herbst, West Salem; 15. Tom Thill, West Salem; 16. Matthew Henderson, Coon Valley, 17. Bill Niles, Holmen; 18. Albert Locy, Onalaska;

Odd Bud Dash — 1, Shawn Pfaff, 2. Tom Thill, 3. Jeff Baker, 4. Steve Carlson, 5. Brent Kirchner;
Even Bud Dash — 1. J. Herbst, 2. Paul Proksch, 3. Tim Nelson, 4. Kevin Nuttleman, 5. Todd Oliver;

DIRECTV DEAN’S SATELLITE 15 Feature (24 Cars) — 1. Jes Tenner, Melrose, 2. Rick Schermerhorn, Westby, 3. Jerimy Wagner, Melrose, 4. Nick Clements, Onalaska, 5. Jake Arneson, Taylor, 6. Randy Humfeld, Chaseburg, 7. Aaron Hass, LaCrosse, 8. Rob Curran, Rockland, 9. Randy Steinhoff, Cashton, 10. Larry Bolster Jr., Sparta, 11. Branden Berg, Melrose, 12. Jeff Winterfield, Westby, 13. Jerrod Loging, West Salem, 14. John Olson, Sparta, 15. Keaton Hilby, Bangor, 16. Ken Lewis, Black River Falls, 17. Mark Challet, Bangor, 18. Justin Berg, Bangor, 19. Randy Hass, LaCrosse, 20. Jamie Schlintz, Bangor, 21. Joe Rinartz, LaCrosse, 22. Jimmy Gilster, West Salem, 23. Matt Inglett, LaCrosse, 24. Rob Mason, Preston, MN.;

B-Feature — 1.Justin Berg, Bangor, 2. Mark Challet, Bangor, 3. Ken Lewis, Black River Falls, 4. Adam Gallagher, Melrose, 5. Rob Mason, Preston MN, 6. Jason Dummer, Holmen, 7. Jerry Aylsworth, LaCrosse, 8. Alan Fry, Galesville, 9. Rick Johnson, LaCrosse;

Qualifying — 1, Randy Humfeld (NEW TRACK RECORD), Chaseburg, 21.913 sec., 89.604 MPH; 2. Jake Arneson, Taylor, 22.272 Sec., 88.160 MPH; 3. Branden Berg, Melrose, 22.277 Sec., 88.140 MPH; 4. Aaron Hass, LaCrosse, 22.305 Sec., 88.030 MPH, 5. Jimmy Gilster, West Salem, 22.310 Sec., 88.010 MPH, 6. John Olson, Sparta; 7. Rick Schermerhorn, Westby; 8. Jes Tenner, Melrose; 9. Jerimy Wagner, Melrose; 10. Nick Clements, Onalaska, 11. Rob Curran, Rockland; 12. Matt Inglett, LaCrosse; 13. Randy Steinhoff, Sparta; 14. Jeff Winterfield, Westby; 15. Jerrod Loging, West Salem; 16. Larry Bolster Jr., Sparta; 17. Rob Mason, Preston MN; 18. Randy Hass, LaCrosse; 19. Keaton Hilby, Bangor; 20. Rick Johnson, West Salem, 21. Ken Lewis, Black River Falls; 22. Mark Challet, Bangor; 23. Justin Berg, Bangor; 24. Joe Rinartz, LaCrosse; 25. Jamie Schlintz, Bangor; 26. Jason Dummer, Holmen; 27. Adam Gallagher, Melrose, 28. Alan Fry, Galesville, 29. Jerry Aylsworth, LaCrosse; 30. Greg Scheck, West Salem;

Qualifying Heat 1 — 1. Keaton Hilby, 2. Jamie Schlintz, 3. Rob Mason, 4. Justin Berg, 5. Ken Lewis;
Qualifying Heat 2 — 1. Joe Rinartz, 2. Randy Hass, 3. Mark Challet, 4. Jason Dummer, 5. Rick Johnson;
Odd Bud Dash — 1. Randy Steinhoff, 2. Jerrod Loging, 3. Randy Humfeld, 4. Branden Berg, 5. Rob Curran;
Even Bud Dash — 1.Larry Bolster Jr., 2. Jes Tenner, 3. Matt Inglett, 4. Aaron Hass, 5. John Olson;

DIRECTV DEAN’S SATELLITE 15 Feature (22 cars) — 1. Charles Vian Jr., Sparta, 2. Steve Rusch, Sparta, 3. Adam Moore, Sparta, 4. Tony Wheeler, LaCrosse, 5. Nathan White, Camp Douglas, 6. Jason Schaller, LaCrosse, 7. Bill Inglett, LaCrosse, 8. Ray Hardy, Sparta, 9. Chris Weber, Cashton, 10. Steve Owen, West Salem, 11. Harley Jankowski, 12. Jamie Dummer, Galesville, 13. Mike Peters, Whitehall, 14. Kayla Steinhoff, Rockland, 15. Keith Larson, LaCrosse, 16. Scott Geier, LaCrosse, 17. Joey Johnson, North Bend, 18. Jason Bolster, Sparta, 19. Ed Senn, LaCrosse, 20. Jason Stark, Sparta, 21. Matt Cleveland, Sparta, 22. Jake Krueger, Sparta;

B-Feature 1, Bill Inglett, LaCrosse, 2. Joey Johnson, North Bend, 3. Jake Krueger, West Salem, 4. Ed Senn, LaCrosse, 5. Al Bartels, Tomah, 6. Cole Scholze, Sparta, 7. Tom Hauser, West Salem, 8. Mike Olson, Sparta, 9. Dakota Miller, Sparta;

Bud Dash — 1,. Adam Moore, 2. Charles Vian Jr., 3. Tony Wheeler, 4. Jamie Dummer, 5. Ray Hardy;
Heat 1 — 1. Charles Vian Jr., 2. Ray Hardy, 3. Jason Stark, 4. Kayla Steinhoff, 5. Harley Jankowski;
Heat 2 — 1. Brad Warthan, 2. Adam Moore, 3. Steve Rusch, 4. Chris Weber, 5. Jason Bolster;
Heat 3 — 1. Jamie Dummer, 2. Tony Wheeler, 3. Steve Owen, 4. Matt Cleveland; 5. Nathan White;
Heat 4 — 1, Andy Moore, 2. Scott Geier, 3. Keith Larson, 4. Jason Schaller, 5. Mike Peters;

DIRECTV DEAN’S SATELLITE FEATURE ( 9 Cars) – 1. Wade Elliott, Galesville, 2. Mark Bornitz, Holmen, 3. Nick Swenson, 4. Kyle Swenson, Sparta, 5. Matt Moore, Tomah, 6. Kevin Herold, Tomah, 7, Jason Bolster, Sparta, 8. Harley Jankowski, Sparta, 9. Adam Moore, Sparta;
Heat Race – 1. Wade Elliott, 2. Nick Swenson, 3. Mark Bornitz, 4. Kyle Swenson, 5. Ron Amann, 6. Jason Bolster, 7. Harley Jankowski, 7. Adam Moore, 8. Matt Moore, 9. Kevin Herold;